I should have hidden this better.

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I thought it'd be fun to have a small page about the artist--that is to say, me--on the site, but I didn't want to go sticking it in the main links because honestly, who really cares?

Well, since you're here...

I'm not intending to tell you what I look or act like, particularly because one is not a good judge of such things when concerning oneself. (Heck, not even concerning others most of the time.) However, I often define myself at least in my own mind by my interests, so I thought I'd make a short list of some of my favorite things in the world (not including people, because that would be a long list and then there'd be the dilemma of leaving someone off the list and offending them...oh, humans are entirely too much trouble.) Links follow some of them, in case you're interested.

Hana Yori Dango
It was recently picked up by Viz. Not the best thing in the world to happen to it, but at least now other people can see it. (the fansubs were AWESOME, though!)
Emily's HYD Page one of the very first fansites.
The HYD Project another of the originals. Read fan translations of all the manga.
Don't trust those new sites...the originals are the ones made by TRUE fans! ^_~
Moulin Rouge
Someday I'll manage to post my essays on it online.
Until then, here's the official site.
Harry Potter
Didn't know I had a Harry Potter site, did you?
The goth guy, not the French guy.
Code Red Mountain Dew
'Nuff said.
Dance Dance Revolution
www.akddr.com even though I'm not Alaskan
Rocko's Modern Life
Probably the best Rocko site there is.
The relatively new fanlisting
1984 (the book)
mashed potatoes
The Lion King
Estes Park, Colorado

If you feel like dropping me a line, my email is doumyojicookies@highstream.net and my AIM is SonorusQuietus.

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