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Slightly Schizophrenic is currently in the midst of episode/issue/part two. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like reading archives (I can't understand you at all), then here's what happened in episode/issue/part one:

Short Version:
The main character Sandra accidentally spies on a tryst of strange scientists, steals their books during a panic attack, meets with monsters, and must be saved by an odd woman in white. While running from another monster, she stumbles upon a teleportation device, and is transported to a spaceship orbiting her planet. Unfortunately, the ship belongs to the woman in white, and Sandra's not supposed to be there.

Long Version:
Our story starts on a somewhat ordinary day in the life of our main character, Sandra. She is at her part-time job at the Pancake Shack when her boss asks her to deliver an envelope to the Fifth Street Bank for him. She has never been there before, and the public bus only goes as far as Fourth Street, so she isn't entirely sure where the bank is; however, she finds what looks like the right building with little trouble. Upon entering it, though, she wonders if she is in the right place, because she doesn't see or hear any people around. She rides the elevator to the second floor, finding more deserted hallways, then to the third floor, which appears to still be under construction. She is just examining the uncarpeted floor when she hears the voices of three strange men in lab coats. They are having a heated discussion about something, but Sandra is not entirely sure what. Not familiar with the concept of a planet, she does not realize that they are talking about her planet and the threat that it may be under. It is at this point that the scientists sense her presence, and she bolts...and in her haste, she leaves her work uniform behind.

Unfortunately, she does not realize that she left her uniform behind until that night, when she is already in bed. She sneaks out in her pajamas to go retreive it; after jogging the whole way to the building, she enters through the fire escape. She finds her uniform, as well as one of the scientists--who, fortunately, is asleep. She is interested by the books that sit on the table with her interested, in fact, that when she panics because she thinks the man might be waking up, she starts madly grabbing them before making a run for it. The next day, she tries to console herself, but is so overcome by her guilt that she determines to return the books to them immediately. When she arrives on the third floor, however, she finds it not the way she left it. It is nowhere close to being under construction. It looks just like an ordinary office, complete with fake plants and a secretary. Sandra tries to ask the secretary about the scientist whose name she could come closest to remembering, but the secretary has never heard of him. Defeated, Sandra goes home. She cannot bring herself even to look at the books for an entire week.

After that week, though, she decides there will be no harm in looking at them--after all, it was apparent that she had no way of returning them. The books are filled with strange and fantastic things, written about factually, as if they really exist. Sandra falls asleep over the books, and has disturbing dreams. She awakes to her mother pounding on the door, telling her to come downstairs to watch the news. Strange people have appeared apparently out of nowhere, and currently surround the Fifth Street Law Office. Sandra recognizes this as the building she had been to, and decides she needs to know what is going on. She grabs her backpack of books and heads out, leaving her mother slightly confused.

When she arrives, she attempts to sneak into the building through a side door, but is stopped by one of the people guarding the perimeter of the building. The woman grabs Sandra, then suddenly her transforms into that of a monster (similar to her human face, but more evil- looking, y'know.) Sandra breaks free and makes it into the building, but the woman catches up with her. Sandra is just about done for when out of the shadows appears another woman, dressed in white and armed with a dart gun (the pokey kind, not the sucker kind...that wouldn't work very well), who fights the evil woman off. She defeats the evil woman by encapsulating her inside a small, shiny stone-gem-type-thing, then runs off before Sandra can even realize what has just happened. Sandra is sure she must be losing it, but before she can wonder too much about her sanity, she hears noises from upstairs and goes to investigate. In a ransacked office room she finds another monster, this one appearing half woman, half lion. This one also realizes that Sandra is there, and chases her up to the third floor, where Sandra hides underneath the secretary's desk. (who isn't there, by the way.) It is there that she finds a large, flat, shiny disk, which she recognizes as an instantaneous transport pad (or ITP)--a bit of technology referred to in one of the books. A sudden noise causes her to jump, and her foot lands on the ITP, transporting her to a strange room full of costumes. She should probably be worried about her whereabouts at this point, but her curiosity gets the better of her (a door leading to "weaponry and transport equipment"? Come on, wouldn't you be curious too?) and she pokes around a bit more. A few moments later, however, the impact of the day's occurrences hits her. (Also, she realizes what a snoop she's been.) Overwhelmed, she faints...

When she awakes, she finds that her backpack has come open and the books are strewn over the floor. One of them--the one that contains pictures and descriptions of "famous Ritsuki fighters"--has fallen open to a page depicting a sci-fi-ish suit of armor. Hmmm, but isn't that the same thing as that suit over there? Why yes, it is...but before Sandra can figure out what this means, two figures enter the room. One is the woman in white who'd saved Sandra from the evil woman; the other appears to be a small floating robot. Sandra has apparently accidentally ended up on their spaceship...not that she knows what a "space"ship is.

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