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In order of appearance...for now.
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Her mom
The scientists
Lady Lorlia

Name: Sandra
Age: 18
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Hirai
Occupation: part-time waitress at Pancake Shack

Hair: purple
Eyes: brown
Height: averageish shortish
Weight: out of shape but not too chunky
Sandra is actually quite smart and quick on the uptake, but since she's from Hirai, her memory is lacking the concepts of outer space, planets, et cetera; her ignorance is sometimes mistaken for stupidity.

Once she finally accepts the fact that strange things are simply bound to happen to her, she mellows out a bit. She rarely gets uptight about anything and can remain lighthearted in most situations.
Name: Sandra's mom (ha)
Age: 38
Species: human
Planet of Origin: Hirai
Occupation: Accountant

Hair: lavender-brown
Eyes: brown
Height: taller than Sandra
Weight: none of your business
Sandra's mom is pretty understanding. Yup.
Names: Yoji (top left), Joceron (bottom left), and Lestar (right)
(Also simply referred to as "the scientists")
Ages: unknown
Species: human
Planets of Origin: unknown
Occupations: scientists (vague, no?)

Hair: various
Eyes: various
Weight: various
Height: are we seeing a pattern here?
Little is known about these three.

...And you thought you'd learn more by looking here?! HA HA HA!
Name: Mira
Age: uncertain, probably around twenty-two
Species: human
Planet of Origin: Phor
Occupation: Ritsuki Fighter

Hair: dark blue
Eyes: blue
Height: rather tall
Weight: in really good shape, I mean she beats up aliens for a living. Lots o' muscles.
Mira is the other main character and, I suppose, the "hero" of the story. Unfortunately, she's got a pretty bad temper and she doesn't take it too well when Sandra accidentally ends up on her ship, inadvertently discovering her secret identity.

What identity is that? She dresses up in costumes and acts as a superhero on most of the planets in the Universe. Her cheif concern in these exploits is to keep the Ritsuki, an evil race of cyborg-ish aliens, from taking over said planets.
Name: Ro-bi
Age: that doesn't really count with robots.
Species: model 826-071A
Planet of Origin: Phor
Occupation: all-purpose assistant bot

Hair: none
Eyes: green
Height: a bit larger than an ordinary human head
Weight: he flies!
Part assistant, part comrade, part companion. Ro-bi is as sweet and caring as a robot can be, and he always tries to cheer people up. Having come with the ship, he works as Mira's assistant and co-pilot/commander/conspirator.
Name: Lady Lorlia
Age: you don't ask a lady that kind of thing.
Species: Willow
Planet of Origin: Lodith
Occupation: Empress and Channel of the planet Lodith

Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Height: tallish
Weight: Willows are naturally of an elongated frame, both tall and slender.
Lady Lorlia is the benevolent despot of the small planet of Lodith. She is given to long bouts of introspection, and is perpetually weighed down by her concerns for her planet. Although she is entirely philanthropic, she tends to prefer solitude most of the time. Her closest friend is her highest-ranking advisor, Sh˘junan.
Name: Sh˘junan
Age: 142 Hyrrian years, as of last month
Species: Dragon Fae
Planet of Origin: Hyrria
Occupation: Esteemed High Advisor to the Lady Lorlia

Hair: dark green
Eyes: brown
Height: 6.3 inches
Weight: well, he's awfully small.
Sh˘junan, like most other Dragon Faes, is native to the planet Hyrria. In fact, Lodith is one of the few planets that does not view Dragon Faes as a subordinate species. Lodith's open policy causes the planet's rulers to lose a lot of respect from their equals hailing from other heavenly bodies, but at the same time they earn the almost unshakeable loyalty of these fantastically perceptive creatures.

Despite Lodith's open policy, however, Dragon Faes associate almost exclusively with their own kind. Sh˘junan, on the other hand, is currently the only Dragon Fae living in Lady Lorlia's palace, and thus rarely has any contact with other members of his species. The fact that this does not bother him is somewhat unusual for Dragon Faes, but not unheard of.

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