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I've switched to having only banners...writing descriptions just takes toooooo long. These are in no particular order, except webcomics come first, and they are followed by webcomic listings, review sites, other cetera. In case it's important, my favorite webcomic is Return to Sender.

, where I learned html.

Leenkeeng to Meeee

New! ^^

Feel free to use any of these images to link to me. The first one looks good when you shrink it down to about 300 pixels wide, too. The blue banner and the smaller button were made for me by Alex (the author of Monday Sandwich, see above for link) out of the goodness of his heart. Isn't he nice? The square-ish button is my OCAD icon, if you care. Please link to and let me know by email so's I return the favor! ^^ Danke danke...

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