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Nothing boosts one's ego like fanart. Whee!

Text links follow, or you can scroll down for thumbnails. Pictures open in this window.

New! A panicked Sandra gets a tune-up - from Chiadro. At this point in the story, when is Sandra NOT panicking?
Reset: A Slightly Schizo Fanstrip - from Chaos again, because he's AWESOME! ^_^ Hmm...perhaps the story was all just a dream...but who's this coming to the Pancake Shack with a strange book?
"Friends and Foes" - Sandra and a very devious-looking lion half-breed, also from Chaos.
Sad Sandra. Awwwww... from Chaos, who is a FRENCH CANADIAN, eh!
A birthday present from one of my VERY cool readers, Dynamite Raver! Yay!
"Wai" Sandra amidst emotional Yojis By super-cool Moxy Roxy and Icy (see link page for pluggage)
The Dangerous Creatures pages colored first piece of fanart. By CyberDruid

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